Post Reply Crunchyroll crashed my tablet when I try to view video for more than 10 seconds
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Posted 9/2/17 , edited 9/2/17
The app crashes my tablet when I try view a video more than 10 second. It starts to trow some grey pixels on the screen and If I dont stop it, it will freeze my tablet and the tablet restarts because its frozen. I have seen others report similar issues on android but it hasnt been fixed. I have had this issue for months and I have tried to reinstall the app multiple times but if you dont fix the issue it wont work what ever I do.

Tablet Model: Nexus 10
Streaming Via: Wifi
Service Provider: This doesnt affect anything
Android OS: 5.1.1
App Version: 2.1.7
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Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17

Make sure that your tablet is updated to the most recent version of Android that's available for it, then check for a new Crunchyroll app update. If there was a new version of Android available and you're still having this problem trying uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you're still experiencing the issue submit that information along with your explanation of the problem to Crunchyroll. Here's a link to the contact form: /contact.
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