The 5 Most Loved and Hated Immortals in Anime

According to the fans at Anime-Planet!

Til death do us part takes on a whole new meaning for these characters. They live forever, so those with life-long commitments end up in some pretty difficult predicaments. Many of them live for a goal so ambitious that it truly necessitates immortality or while away their time by making their own entertainment. Above all, what matters for an immortal is style. If you have time to get perfect at just about everything, it's not if you can do it, but how good you look while doing it.


Love them or hate them, they’ll probably outlive you, so how you feel doesn’t really matter to them! Our friends over at Anime-Planet spend day and night cataloguing these unique features and leaving it to the fans to vote on the best and worst immortals in all of anime. A note before we begin, these are the result of popular votes that I can and will disagree with. Only your democratic will can determine who makes it on this list. With that out of the way, below are the 5 most loved and most hated immortals!




5. Saber - Fate



She’s back! Possessing the 4th most loved hair antenna just wasn’t enough for Arturia Pendragon. Having just checked to find pretty much all the servants are tagged with immortal, I’m sensing more Fate in my future. Saber is no surprise as one of the most loved since she opted into immortality for the selfless reason of saving the people of her kingdom. She may be taking a break to eat delicious food and play beach volleyball at the moment, but she earned it!


4. Celty Sturlson - Durarara



Imagine being immortal, having power over shadows, a cool scythe, and a horse than can turn into a motorcycle, then some jerk steals your head and you have to spend years chasing after it. Pretty shocking Celty’s got so much style when she seems by far the least concerned with appearances against the more immediate concerns on making money with her oddjob and tracking down her lost noggin. At the end of the day I ended up watching Durarara precisely because I saw her in the trailer and thought “she seems cool” so I understand everyone who voted her up here.


3. Alucard - Hellsing



Discorporating into shadows, transforming into sanity-defying nightmare beasts formed of countless maws, or releasing an army of phantoms into London are pretty cool, but what really makes Alucard the king of vampires is his sense of theatrics. When you’re thousands of years old, just succeeding isn’t enough, you gotta do it with style otherwise what’s the point of even getting out of your coffin at dusk? The red suit, the gloves with glyphs, the custom pistols with bible verses, the poses like he just strutted out of a Jojo anime. Nothing but respect for this guy. Alucard even made sure he got none other than the haunting baritone of Joji Nakata to fill in for his voice. He’s unliving in style.


2. C.C. - Code Geass



If I were immortal, indestructible, and fixed in a certain form no matter what was done to my body, I’d probably end up spending all day lounging around and eating box after box of pizza too. C.C. speaks to me in a spiritual level since she has goals she wishes to accomplish and is more than willing to give mortals superpowers so that they can realize her dreams for her. Basically what I’m trying to say is I have a lot of respect for C.C.


1. Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler



This actually makes perfect sense. If being an immortal is all about doing things with style, Sebastian has cornered the market. If you’re gonna be a butler for the rest of forever, you might as well be the very best. This guy can set an airborne table in bullet time, defeat trained fighters using silverware, mend jackets while dodging bullets, and find time to wax poetic about the essence of butlerdom in life or death situations. A triumph of style despite his enforced servitude, he basically makes being a butler seem like an enviable profession.




5. Caster - Fate



Mixed feelings for sure about this one. Satoshi Tsuruoka did amazing work voicing this nutjob and I have to pay the character proper respects for really thinking about what the evilest way to dispense his evil could be. Although he’s spending his time on the right things, at the end of the day his plans are basically sacrifice as many children as possible and let chaos magic sort out the rest. I feel like he could have been more ambitious and kept kids out of it. Also, maybe work harder to ID the subject of your obsession before designing a plan around her.


4. Archer - Fate



You can’t hear me, but I’m applauding each and every person who downvoted this jerk. If it hasn’t become clear already, my grading curve has been largely on how aesthetically these beings choose to live out their eternity. His brand of ostentatious vanity is just boring. He isn’t even fighting for anything. The holy grail war is nothing to him but a means to avoid death. If you’re gonna spend all of time worrying about dying then immortality is wasted on you..


3. Millenium Earl - D.Gray-man



While I can’t really make heads or tails of the Earl’s motivation to kick God into the outer darkness and created another time of tumult like Noah’s flood, I have to respect that he still finds time to help his niece with her homework. The who, what, and why of the Earl are still mysteries so it’s hard for me to really form an opinion on him. As a matter of general principle, I won’t argue with anyone who dislikes him for wanting to destroy humanity. That makes sense.


2. Jin Kariya - Bleach



Pretty surprised to see a filler villain raise enough feelings either way to hit a top 5 spot, so, in a way, I guess you could say he was a success for creating so much ire. Kinda the opposite of Gilgamesh but just as bad in his own way, it’s my understanding based on some of Ichigo’s lines that Jin was seeking death which could be a cool motivation for an immortal if it was harder than just getting killed normally or even if he stopped eating souls to continue living. A lot of his plot stuff was pretty remicient of Aizen, so it’s no surprise which side of the list he fell on.


1. V.V. - Code Geass



Trying to make any sense of most of Code Geass is an exercise in frustration but I’m not entirely convinced on this one. V.V. was an antagonist sure and kidnapped Nunnally which is bad, but the main, unforgivable villainous act he committed was supposed to be the reveal that he murdered Lelouch's mother Marianne. However it’s later revealed that she herself was evil and was manipulating her children the whole time so… who was the real bad guy here? That’s basically the question you have to constantly ask yourself with this series. Personally, I think they’re all bad. Everyone’s bad.


I didn’t really think I had an opinion on what made a good immortal character but I discovered I have some pretty strong opinions in the process of going through this list. I do appreciate most of the most memorable immortals, whether loved or hated, seem to be the ones with the strongest personalities and sense of aesthetic. As far as surprises, I guess I’m pretty shocked Holo didn’t make the cut. Less surprising, but just as tragic, is Manji didn’t make the list. He’s more of a presence in manga, I guess...


Didn’t see your favorite immortal on this list? Well, that’s pretty rough since the ones we’ve got aren’t likely to age out and make any room. Still, you can head over to Anime-Planet’s list of immortals to see where they rank, or comment below with your favorite. Tune in next week, where we will be exploring the most loved and hated psychics in anime!


Peter Fobian is an Associate Features Editor for Crunchyroll, author of Monthly Mangaka Spotlight, writer for Anime Academy, and contributor at Anime Feminist. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterFobian.

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