VIDEO: "Aquarion EVOL" Trailer With New Yoko Kanno Theme

Shoji Kawamori's Strange Getter Robo Homage, 12,000 Years Later

Macross creator Shoji Kawamori's weird, spiritual combining mech show returns for a new series, set 12,000 years after the original in Aquarion EVOL, with Mari Okada (Fractale, Gosick) replacing Kawamori college buddy and frequent collaborator Hiroshi Ohnogi (RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne ) as screenwriter. The latest trailer not only previews the show, but also popular anime composer Yoko Kanno's latest theme.


AKINO with Bless 4 perform " Kimi no Shinwa (Your Myth)" by Yoko Kanno, and Akiko Otsuka, with lyrics by Kanno alter-ego Gabriela Robin.



via a Gabriela Robin Site

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