All-Male "Code Geass" Musical Cast in Costume!

"Prelude for the Sorcerer" opens at Tokyo's Galaxy Theater on June 28th

In April, Code Geass will be hitting the stage with a play titled Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion on Stage: Riot's Eve, and in July it will be back with an all-male musical called Prelude for the Sorcerer. Having previously gotten a good look at the cast of the former in costume, it's now the turn of the latter.


The performers include



Shinpei Takagi as Lelouch Lamperouge


Fuuta as Rollo Lamperouge



Kouhei as Suzaku Kururugi


Mio as C.C.


Taisuke Wada as Kallen Stadtfeld


Rui Sakiyama as Kaname Ougi



Kento Ono as Shinichiro Tamaki


Kazami Nagasawa as Zero


Shun Mikami as Euphemia li Britannia


TAKA as Cornelia li Britannia


Toshimitsu Kodera as Gilbert G.P. Guilford


Shingo Mori as Diethard Ried


Yoshihisa Higashiyama as Emperor Britannia

There are 16 performances planned for June 28th to July 8th at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo.


via Otanews

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