Stats For "Attack on Titan" 104th Graduating Class

Radar chart give top 10, Armin and Ymir their grades

Attack on Titan author Hajime Isayama has some pretty evident otaku tendencies, and his work certainly inherits that as seen in the the habit of quantifying and diagramming just about anything possible. In keeping with this, the official guide book has dug into the stats for the key graduates from the 104th Trainees Squad.


Overall rankings were...

1. Mikasa Ackerman
2. Reiner Braun
3. Bertholdt Fubar
4. Annie Leonhardt
5. Eren Jaeger
6. Jean Kirschtein
7. Marco Bodt
8. Conny Springer
9. Sasha Blaus
10. Krista Renz


Outside top 10
Armin Arlelt




These radar charts feature, clockwise from the top:
Social skill

Battle skill



via Yaraon


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