Virtual Idols Go Traditional in "Hatsune Miku Karuta"

Japanese card game includes 48 original fan-art illustrated cards and an audio CD


Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game in which players attempt to grab cards associated with specific spoken phrases, and soon virtual idol Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends will be entering this world with the "Hatsune Miku Karuta" set from Crypton Future Media.


This particular set plays according to the Iroha Garuta rules, in which players try to match a picture card featuring a Hiragana character to its accompanying proverb. Some examples include:



 [Ru] - Ruri mo haru mo teraseba hikaru. ("Lapis and crystals shine under a spot light.")



[Mu] - Muri ga toureba douri hikkomu. ("When force pushes, reason draws back.")




[Ku] - Kusai-mono ni futa wo suru. ("Put a lid on smelly things.")




In addition to the 48 phrase cards and their accompanying 48 picture cards, the karuta set includes a 23 minute audio CD with Miku and friends singing the phrases as well as original pieces of music. The "Hatsune Miku Karuta" set sells for 3200 yen ($25.79 US) plus tax. The final product is scheduled to ship in September of 2015. 



Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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