Ichiban Kuji Lottery Offers "Osomatsu-san" Nekomimi Prizes

"Nekomatsu-san Dasu" series will be available from December 28

Banpresto (Bandai Namco group) will start a new session of its popular lottery series Ichiban Kuji, titled "Ichiban Kuji Osomatsu-san ~Nakomatsu-san Dasu~" featuring the six Matsuno brothers who become "Nekomatsu-san" with a cat tail and ears by taking a drug developed by Dekapan. It will be available at bookstores, Tsutaya, Animate stores, hobby shops and amusement facilities across Japan from December 28. The prize lineup includes 32-40cm long cushions, nuigurimi (stuffed doll) mascots, straps, rubber mascots, a tote bag and a tapestry. The price of the ticket is 620 yen (about 5.69 US dollars). Check the prize list below.



Main visual



Prise A: Osomatsu Cushion (40cm)

Prize B: Karamatsu Cushion (37cm)

Prize C: Choromatsu Cushion (33cm)


Prize D: Ichimatsu Cushion (37cm)


Prize E: Jyushimatsu Cushion (38cm)


Prize F: Todomatsu Cushion (32cm)


Prize G-L: Tsurettete Nuigurumi Mascots (15cm)

Prize M: Nekomatsu-san Face Nuigurumi Strap (6cm)

Prize L: Nekomatsu-san Acryl Charms (7cm)

Prize O: Nekomatsu-san Rubber Mascots (5-6cm)

Last One Prize: Tote Bag with six pockets (40cm)

Double Chance Campaign Prize: Tapestry (A2-size)


Source: Banpresto press release


© Fujio Akatsuka/"Osomatsu-san" Production Committee


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