Mascot Needs Motivation in "Yassadaruman" Movie

Live-action film starring Hisanori Sato and Ayana Taketatsu features the official mascot character of Mihara City


Yassadaruman, the official mascot character for the city of Mihara in Hiroshima Prefecture, is the inspiration for a "refereshing youth story" live-action film about a young man struggling to stay motivated in the face of a crushing defeat. The film is entitled Yassadaruman, and it is directed by Kenichi Ohmori (The Book Pedlar, Samurai Pirates).



In Yassadaruman, Hisano Sato plays Hajime Kisaragi, the suit-actor responsible for portraying the Yassadaruman character. Hajime is down in the dumps after his character comes in dead last at the annual Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix, causing him to be scolded by his superiors. Hajime spends his days in-costume attending public functions and his nights drinking his troubles away at a local bar, but his luck begins to change when he meets Yuuna Isodani (played by Ayana Taketatsu), a huge fan of the Yassadaruman character, and he falls in love at first sight.


Yassadaruman also stars Maasa Sudo, Misa Shimizu, and Ichirôta Miyakawa. The film hits theaters in Japan in 2018.




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