Anime Voice Actress Yuu Kobayashi Announces Marriage

35-year-old voice actress/singer/fashionista/artist has taken to Twitter with the news

35-year-old voice actress/singer/fashionista/artist (of the most disturbing sort) Yuu Kobayashi has taken to Twitter to announce her marriage. While the voice of characters including Gintama's Sarutobi, Attack on Titan's Sasha Braus, Kemono Friends' Tsuchinoko, Tiger Mask W's Miss X, Kiss Him Not Me's Kae Serinuma, and  Blood Blockade Battlefront's Chain Sumeragi says she's marrying a normal guy, not in the anime business, the often repeated joke on social media is that if he's marrying Yuu Kobayashi, he can't be THAT normal. 



Yuu being Yuu...


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