Japan Post Offers Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Stamp & Postcard Set

Anime character designer Akemi Takada provides a newly drawn illustration


In commemoration of the Mobile Police Patlabor franchise's 30th anniversary, Japan Post started accepting pre-orders for the memorial stamp and postcard set in three editions (Yuuki Masami Selection,

Akemi Takada Selection, Yutaka Izubuchi Selection) at its 24,700 post offices across Japan and online

store today. The three are memebrs of Headgear, a group who created the Patlabor franchise: Yuuki worked

on the manga series, Takada designed the anime characters, and Izubuchi served as mecha designer.


Each 4,800 yen (about 44 US dollars) set includes ten 62-yen frame stamps, a special frame stamp holder,

and ten postcards using each artist's Patlabor illustrations. In addition, Takada also provides a newly drawn

character art for an A3-size Chara-Fine Graph Art that will be sold at 20,000 yen (184 US dollars). The price

for the complete set including all three selections and Takada's Chara-Fine is 32,000 yen (295 US dollars).


Pre-orders will be accepted until March 15, then the items will start shipping on April 19.



Yuuki Masami Selection



Akemi Takada Selection



Yutaka Izubuchi Selection



Chara-Fine Graph Art by Akemi Takada



Complete set



Source: Japan Post, Waki Print Pia press release




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