Watch Voice Actress Yui Ogura's New Music Video "Apple Girl"

23-year-old popular voice actress is currently starring in Hugtto PreCure!, Pastel Memories


The official YouTube channel for 23-year-old anime voice actress Yui Ogura has started streaming a

five-minute full music video for "Apple Girl," the lead track from her forthcoming third album "Hop

Step Apple" to be released on February 20, 2019. In addition to herself in the present, she also portrays

as an idol character in the Showa-era in the clip.


The 13-song album contains her eighth single song "Shiroku Saku Hana," ninth single song "Eien

Shonen" (TV anime Ongakiu Shoujo OP), and nine newly-recorded songs including "Apple Girl."



"Apple Girl" full MV



CM for the album


CD+DVD edition


CD+Blu-ray edition


Regular edition


Song list:

 1. "Apple Girl"

 2. "Hop Step Jump!"

 3. "Eien Shonen"

 4. "Kimi ga Suki desu"

 5. "Shiroku Saku Hana"

 6. "Ame no Mori wa Usotsuki"

 7. "Hopeful Days"

 8. "Love Me × Love Me"

 9. "Brand-New-Road"

 10. "FARAWAY"

 11. "Chocolat"

 12. "Peanut!"

 13. "Reflect"



Bonus disc contents (DVD/Blu-ray)


 1."Apple Girl" music video

 2. "Eien Shonen" music video

 3. "Love Me×Love Me" music video

 4. "Shiroku Saku Hana" music video

 5. "Apple Girl" (Lip ver.)

 6. "Apple Girl"(Dance ver.)

 7. "Eien Shonen" (Dance ver.)

 8."Love Me×Love Me"(Dance ver.)

 9."Shiroku Saku Hana" (Dance ver.)

 "Ogura Yui no Approom"

 Making of "Hop Step Apple" 



"Shiroku Saku Hana" short MV (March 14, 2018 release)



"Eien Shonen" MV (July 25, 2018 release)



Source: Yui Ogura official website


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