Love Doesn't Bloom in Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui TV Anime Visual

Main staff revealed for upcoming adaptation of Mogusu's age gap romantic comedy manga

A banner image made from the cover of the first manga volume of Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui, featuring artwork by Mogosu of the main characters: Ichika Arima and Ryou Amakusa.


Previously announced back in January of 2020, a new key visual and the main staff have been revealed for Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui ("It's Gross to Call This Love"), an upcoming TV anime based on the age gap romantic comedy manga by Mogosu about an elite business man who attempts to woo a disinterested high school girl. The main staff includes:


  • Original work: Mogusu (serialized on Ichijinsha's comic POOL website) 
  • Director: Naomi Nakayama
  • Series composition: Yuko Kakihara
  • Character design, chief animation director: Mariko Fujita
  • Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
  • Animation production: Nomad
  • Executive producer: Kôichirô Natsume
  • Production: KoiKimo Production Committee



The story of Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui follows Ryou Amakusa, an elite businessman who treats his romantic relationships with women as disposable until a chance encounter causes him to fall head over heels for Ichika Arima, a high school girl ten years younger than him who is also the best friend of Ryou's little sister. Ryou's too-direct declarations of love make Ichika uncomfortable, and she roundly abuses him at every opportunity, but Ryou takes Ichika's insults as a sign of affection.


A key visual for the upcoming Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui TV anime, featuring the reluctant female lead Ichika Arima refusing a rose offered by the besotted male lead Ryou Amakusa.


An official website and Twitter feed (@koikimo_anime) have also been published for Koi to Yobuniha Kimochi Warui. The series is scheduled to begin broadcasting during the Spring season of 2021.




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Copyright notice: © Mogusu ・Ichijinsha / KoiKimo Production Committee


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