Toy Robots Save the Day in SSSS.DYNAZENON Non-Credit OP Animation

Second collaboration between TRIGGER and Tsuburaya Productions is currently streaming on Funimation

Onija, Mujina, Juuga, and Sizumu strike an intimidating pose in front of a chain link fence in a scene from the SSSS.DYNAZENON TV anime.

(image via SSSS.DYNAZENON website)


If you're in the mood for a little heroic mecha action, then SSSS.DYNAZENON - the latest tokusatsu anime reboot from TRIGGER and Tsuburaya Productions - has got you covered, because the opening animation for the series is now available on Youtube. The non-credit opening animation (below) features the song "Imperfect", which is performed by Masayoshi Oishi.



Funimation describes the story of SSSS.DYNAZENON as follows:


When Yomogi Asanaka, a first-year student at Fujiyokidai High School, meets Gauma, he claims to be a “kaiju user.” But the appearance of a kaiju followed by the entry of the gigantic robot, Dynazenon, backs up his mysterious words. And after Yume Minami, Koyomi Yamanaka, and Chise Asukagawa end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, they get dragged into the desperate fight against the kaiju!


A key visual for the SSSS.DYNAZENON TV anime, featuring the main cast of characters and the titular giant robot posing on a grassy hill beneath a cloudy sky. The DYNAZENON robot reaches dramatically toward the heavens.


SSSS.DYNAZENON is directed by Akira Amemiya and features animation production by TRIGGER. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on TOKYO MX, BS11, and Mainichi Broadcasting System, and it is also available via Funimation as part of their spring 2021 anime simulcast lineup.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice:

© Tsuburays Productions

© 2021 TRIGGER・Akira Amemiya / "DYNAZENON" Production Consortium


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