Card-battling Action Anime Shadowverse to Get New Series "Flame"

The first season is available on Crunchyroll



The official website for the anime franchise inspired by Cygames's card-battling game Shadowverse announced today that its new TV anime series titled Shadowverse F (Flame) is now in the works. The timing of its broadcast has not been disclosed.


The first TV anime Shadowverse was aired for 51 episodes from April 2020 to March 2021. Shadowverse F" tells the story of Light Tenryu, a different protagonist from Hiiro Ryugasaki in the first anime. The site writes, "As the protagonist, Tenryu Light, and his friends grow through Shadowverse, you should be able to discover new charms of Shadowverse! Also, how will Dragneel, a new partner digital friend (Digifre), who newly joins this new series, be involved in Light and the story...!"


Its manga adaptation will be serialized in Shogakukan's Monthly Coro Coro Comic magazine.



Teaser visual:





Main staff:


  • Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
  • Assistant Director: Naotaka Hayashi
  • Series composition: Rintaro Isozaki, Deko Akao
  • Art Director: Ponzu
  • Original Character Design: Gakuya Okada, Mikeboshi, Hesun, Onineko
  • Character Design: Daiki Harada
  • Follower Director: Daisuke Kitagawa
  • Sub Character Design: Yasunari Nitta
  • Digifre design: Tomoko Miyagawa
  • Prop Design: Etsunori Iwanaga
  • Color Design: Naoko Sato, Nanae Shinachi
  • Art Director: Zhong Quanbin
  • Art Setting: Mamio Ogawa
  • Monitor Graphics: sankaku
  • 3DCG Director: Shinsuke Oshima (DEEN DIGITAL)
  • Director of Photography: Yuta Nakamura, Shigeki Asakawa, Masahiko Koshiyama
  • Editing: Daisuke Hiraki
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida
  • Music: Yorihiro Ike
  • Sound Production: Soniludo
  • Animation Production: ZEXCS



The first TV anime Shadowverse is available on Crunchyroll to its members in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS. 




The hottest battle is about to begin! While attending Tensei Academy, Hiiro Ryugasaki ends up acquiring a mysterious smartphone. It comes installed with the popular card game, Shadowverse! Meeting new rivals, facing major tournaments, forging bonds with friends... Shadowverse leads Hiiro to all sorts of new experiences, all that serve to "evolve" him...






Source: "Shadowverse" anime official website / Twitter


©Shadowverse F Anime Production Committee, TV Tokyo


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