Inner Moka
Nom: Akashiya
Prénom: Moka
Sexe: Femme
Type: Personnage
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Inner Moka

Description rapide
Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香)is a fictional character in the Japanese anime and manga series, Rosario + Vampire. The female protagonist, she is a sweet and kind-hearted vampire, and the first to befriend Tsukune Aono, the human, male protagonist, who is somehow accepted into a school of monsters, and despite the danger it entails for him, he remains on campus, with one of his motivations for staying being Moka.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki
Debut: Episode: 1 - "New Life and Vampire"

There is one thing one must know about the rosary Moka carries around her neck... whenever it is removed, the Inner Moka is released. Now Inner Moka is nothing at all like Outer Moka. Inner Moka is a fierce fighter with a contemptuous and haughty personality. Though it is shown that she has feelings for Tsukune.
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