Justin Law
Nom: Law
Prénom: Justin
Sexe: Homme
Type: Personnage
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Justin Law

Description rapide
Attacks:Like all weapons Justin changes parts of his body to fight.

The prayer Justin says before his Law Abiding Silver Gun is as follows:

Afterwards he asks everyone around him to pray for his fallen foe.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Justin Law is a character from the anime/manga Soul Eater, created by Atsushi Okubo. At the start of the series, he is approximately 17 years old. He achieved his status of Death Scythe at the age of 13, making him the youngest person to ever become a Death Scythe.

Justin is seen wearing priestly garb, which consists of a choir dress and a zucchetto (the hat he wears, which could also be called a calotte). His accessories have a Shinigami-sama theme, such as his necklace and his infamous headphones. This changes once he joins the side of the Kishin; his accessories than develop the theme of the Kishin's eyes. This change can be seen on his necklace, headphones, and dress sleeves.

Justin is constantly listening to music on his Shinigami-sama headphones; because of this, he has developed the ability to read lips. This, however, presents a problem when speaking to Shinigami-sama, who has a mask and therefore has no lips to be read. When Shinigami-sama speaks to Justin, his earphones are usually removed by force (by Spirit/Deathscythe and/or Yumi Azusa).

Justin's mode of transportation is usually dune buggy, which has a coffin attached to it. The coffin has a cross on it. Justin has also been seen driving a snowmobile when confronting Giriko in a snowy area; this also bore a cross.

Justin's fighting moves are: Holy Jūji-Shūtō (Cruciform Sword-Hand); Carcan Claw; and Law Abiding Silver Gun. When using Law Abiding Silver Gun, Justin recites a prayer, which goes as such:
We, the people of the city of death, beseech you, our God, as Christ is just
Oh God, let me be an instrument of your peace
I am a pillar of justice
A blade of faith
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy spirit
"Law Abiding Silver Gun". (as sourced from Wikipedia)

When in battle, Justin's enemy is usually Giriko, and the two have developed somewhat of a rivalry, although this appears to be mostly one-sided on Giriko's side.

In the anime, Justin is a hero/good guy. However, in events in the manga that occur after the end of the anime, we discover that Justin is the murderer of Joe Buttataki, also known as BJ. Justin is now a follower of the Kishin, and was ordered to kill BJ due to his outstanding soul perception abilities being a threat to the Kishin. Justin confornts Giriko and asks him to join him; Giriko agrees. Justin uses the term "we" to refer to himself and a character known as "The Clown". It is unknown how long The Clown has accompanied Justin, or if he is even real, as Justin is the only person to interact with him thus far.