Kouichi Sakakibara
Nom: Sakakibara
Prénom: Kouichi
Sexe: Homme
Ville natale: Tokyo
Pays d'origine: Japan
By Atsushi Abe
Type: Personnage
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Kouichi Sakakibara

Description rapide
Extended Information

Kouichi Sakakibara, whose Mother has passed when he was just born. He had to transfer to Yomiyama North Middle School, due to his Father's absence from Japan. He suffered from a collasped lung, in the first episode of Another. He currently stays with his Grandparent's, named Ryohei and Tamie. Sakakibara has brown hair in the anime, black in the manga, brown eyes in the anime, black in the manga.

His personality is mostly reserved, but he chooses his friends wisely. He meets Mei Misaki in the hospital, while leaving. He takes sudden interest in the girl, although she says to stay away... Kouichi meets Teshigawara, very open, and very loud. He also meets Izumi, Yukari, Kazami.

In the anime, Kouichi becomes apart of what is called the "charm" of Class 3-3, which consists of pretending that he does not exist. This has also been done to Mei. The reason why the "charm" was started, was that for some reason, in Class 3-3 there was always one extra student, in which they call the "calamity". The class would add one extra desk to fill in for the extra, but to no avail. So, they ignore one student in order to maintain the peace.

Whilst apart of this charm, Sakakibara begins to hang out more with Mei.