Uta Kata OVA
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Shotou no Futanatsu

Twin Summers of the First Winter

Pays d'origine: Japan
Année de production: 2008
Date de mise en ligne: 17 Nov. 2008 to 17 Nov. 2008
Episodes: 1
Équipe principale: (Ordre Alphabétique)
Ichika Tachibana
By Youko Honda
Manatsu Kuroki
By Masumi Asano
Type: Séries
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Uta Kata OVA

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Description rapide
Uta∽Kata (うた∽かた, Uta∽Kata? lit. "Poem Fragment") is a 2004 TV anime series. Written differently (泡沫), the title can also refer to bubbles, which is used as such in the ending theme.

The series can be loosely considered a magical girl story. However, this series deviates from more conventional magical girl themes in that it addresses topics that are for a more mature audience, such as child abuse, eating disorders, and possibly misanthropy. Nevertheless, it illustrates the main character's coming of age with each progressive episode, becoming more and more emotionally intense as the story goes on.

The story follows Ichika Tachibana's life over a summer holiday when she meets Manatsu Kuroki. The series then details their summer activities and the use of spiritual creatures called Djinn (ジン jin), non-cardinal elemental creatures that lend their powers to Ichika to help her and her friends when they invariably find themselves in danger, and eventually for their own motives.

Source: Wikipedia
Informations détaillées
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Ichika Tachibana (leader)Youko Honda
Manatsu Kuroki (leader)Masumi Asano
Kai ToudouNobutoshi Canna
Keiko TakamuraYurika Ochiai
Michiru MunakataYukari Tamura
Satsuki TakigawaTomoko Kawakami
Saya KogureMaria Kawamura
Sei ToudouNobuo Tobita