Utawarerumono (Library)
Autres Noms:

The One being Sung

Pays d'origine: Japan
Année de production: 2006
Date de mise en ligne: 6 Avr. 2006 to 25 Juil. 2006
Episodes: 26
Équipe principale: (Ordre Alphabétique)
By Miyuki Sawashiro
By Ryoka Yuzuki
Type: Séries
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Utawarerumono (Library)

Description rapide
Imagine a world entirely made up of beautiful, natural landscapes. In this world, there are humanoid people, but they all have ears and tails like animals! One day, Eruruu, a boy who lives in a village of marginal region, saves a masked young man laying seriously injured. Fortunately, he narrowly escapes from death, but he has lost his memory. Tuskle, the grandmother of Eruruu, names him Hakuoro. Soon, this encounter will open their lives into a series of dangerous encounters.
Informations détaillées
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Aruruu (leader)Miyuki Sawashiro
Eruruu (leader)Ryoka Yuzuki
BenawiDaisuke Namikawa
Dori GuraAkeno Watanabe