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    Lundi Juillet 6, 2020
  • The Endless Generosity of Kyoto Animation

    Let's celebrate Kyoto Animation by exploring the unique strengths of some of their very best productions!

    Kyoto Animation have for years been regarded as one of the most noteworthy anime studios, be it for their beautifully animated productions, or for their uniquely laudable studio culture. Today on Why It Works, let's explore just a few of the things that make their shows so special, as I run down five of the KyoAni shows that have meant the most to me!

  • Lundi Juin 29, 2020
  • Five Insane Symphogear Moments That Couldn’t Happen Anywhere Else

    Today let's highlight the absurd dramatic turns of the incomparable SYMPHOGEAR!

    Combining fragments of Nanoha, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and a special madness all its own, Symphogear is one of the most absurd and absurdly entertaining anime of recent years. Today on Why It Works, we'll be celebrating just a few of the show's most entertaining and ridiculous moments!

  • Lundi Juin 22, 2020
  • Let's Highlight the Top Artists of the Summer Anime Season!

    With the summer season nearly upon us, today let's explore some of the most talented artists and directors working on upcoming productions!

    It may have seemed impossibly brief, but the Spring anime season truly is almost over. Today on Why It Works, let's look forward to the upcoming season, and see which artists and productions we should be looking out for this Summer!

  • Dimanche Juin 14, 2020
  • Let's Celebrate the Birthday of Studio MAPPA!

    Today we're celebrating the birthday of the acclaimed studio MAPPA!

    Nine years ago today, studio MAPPA was founded by one of Madhouse's lead producers, heralding a unique and thrilling history of MAPPA productions. Today, let's explore the origins of this acclaimed studio, and break down some of their greatest productions over the years!

  • Lundi Juin 8, 2020
  • Here's Why You Absolutely Need to Catch Up On My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

    With its third and final season fast approaching, let's explore what's so special about My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

    My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU stands as one of my all-time favorite anime dramas, full of rich characters, funny jokes, and insightful lessons about youth and identity. Today on Why It Works, let's explore why you should catch up on this excellent show, just in time for its upcoming final season!

  • Lundi Juin 1, 2020
  • Elevating Shonen Action: Hunter x Hunter's Genre-Blending Approach

    Today let's explore how Hunter x Hunter's Yorknew City arc embraces new genres to elevate its action spectacles!

    From One Piece to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and beyond, many of the best shonen properties succeed not just by exemplifying the best qualities of shonen adventure, but by drawing from a broad array of genres, and applying the dramatic strengths of those genres to their own tales. Today on Why It Works, let's explore how Hunter x Hunter's Yorknew City arc exemplifies the strength of this approach to storytelling!

  • Lundi Mai 25, 2020
  • What Anime Should You Check Out After Avatar: The Last Airbender?

    With the acclaimed Avatar having recently gone up on streaming, today let's highlight some anime to mitigate those post-Avatar blues!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender has been an acclaimed and beloved cartoon ever since its release, and recently, a whole new audience has been introduced to it via streaming. Today on Why It Works, let's rummage through some great anime that echo the best elements of Avatar's appeal!

  • Lundi Mai 18, 2020
  • Why You Absolutely Need to Check Out Pokemon: Twilight Wings!

    Today let's break down the unique history beyond one of Pokemon's finest animated productions!

    The Pokemon anime has been experiencing something of an animation renaissance lately, culminating in the fantastic Sword and Shield miniseries, Pokemon: Twilight Wings. Today let's catalog the changes in Pokemon over time, and explore what makes this new series so impressive!

  • Samedi Mai 9, 2020
  • Let's Celebrate the Birthday of A-1 Pictures!

    In honor of A-1 Pictures birthday, today let's explore some of the most unique anime they've produced over the years!

    A-1 Pictures have a number of massive hits to their name, but they've also produced a wide variety of lesser-known and experimental features, providing the opportunity for many unique directors to make their mark on the industry. Today on Why It Works, in honor of A-1's birthday, let's explore some of their most distinctive productions!

  • Lundi Avril 27, 2020
  • How Princess Connect! Re:Dive Captures the Spirit of Konosuba!

    Today we'll explore how the ongoing 'Princess Connect! Re:Dive' embodies the strengths of one of Isekai's greatest comedies

    Konosuba has developed a well-earned reputation as one of the funniest comedies among Isekai anime. But this season's Princess Connect! Re:Dive is no slouch either, and actually carries on the legacy of Konosuba in all sorts of ways. Today let's explore how Princess Connect! Re:Dive embodies the spirit of Konosuba!

  • Lundi Avril 20, 2020
  • Fighting with Impact: The Brilliance of Hunter x Hunter's Nen System

    Today let's explore the system of energy that makes Hunter x Hunter's fights so exciting!

    It's a tricky thing to instill the over-the-top spectacle of shonen action with a sense of weight and consequence. It's easy enough to make attacks look flashy, but how do you convey a character cleverly outwitting their opponent, when every single character has magic powers? Today let's explore how Hunter x Hunter's Nen system answers these questions, and turns all of its battles into tactical tightrope acts!

  • Lundi Avril 13, 2020
  • SING "YESTERDAY" FOR ME is This Season's Must-Watch Drama!

    Today let's explore the many strengths of Sing "Yesterday" For Me's production!

    Among a diverse array of new premieres, Sing "Yesterday" for Me stuck out to me in terms of its writing, art design, and much else. Today on Why It Works, let's run down the many strengths of this terrific new anime!

  • Lundi Avril 6, 2020
  • It's Easy to Sink Into These Fantastic Long-Running Anime!

    Today let's highlight some long-running shows that are well worth your time!

    It can sometimes feel like there'll never be enough time to finally tackle that big, sprawling anime you've been thinking about. But long-running shows are one of the things that make anime special, and slowly growing alongside a cast of beloved characters offers a thrill like little else in the medium. Today on Why It Works, let's highlight some long-running shows that are well worth your time!

  • Lundi Mars 23, 2020
  • A Lifetime of Competition: Growing Up in Chihayafuru

    Today let's explore how the brilliant Chihayafuru depicts growing up alongside your favorite sport!

    Most anime sports dramas tend to be focused on the trials of high school, where passions are high, and students can throw themselves fully into their athletic passions. But is it possible to grow up while still holding onto that fire, and how can a beloved sport fit into a complex adult life? Today on Why It Works, let's explore how Chihayafuru attempts to answer these complicated questions!

  • Lundi Mars 16, 2020
  • Who Defines Justice in My Hero Academia?

    Today let's explore the nature of justice in My Hero Academia, and the strange relationship between heroes and the law

    Heroes are supposed to work independently, seeking out injustice wherever it lies, and fighting valiantly for what is truly right. But in a world where heroes and the police often work in tandem, what is justice, and what of those heroes who fall outside of the law? Today on Why It Works, let's explore the strange nature of justice in My Hero Academia!