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    Mercredi Décembre 1, 2021
  • Hololive VTubers Put on Their Holiday Best for Christmasy Collaboration

    Food, photos, shopping and more will be happening at Tokyo Skytree

    Ten VTubers will be taking over Tokyo Skytree for a Hololive holiday! Starting later this month, your YouTube favorites will be hosting events, photo ops, collab cafés, gift shops, and more at the landmark. Get a first look after the jump!

  • Watch 7 Minutes of Great Moments from the Latest Sailor Moon Musical

    Kaguya Hime's Beloved hits DVD/BD next year — and the Internet this month

    If the glitter and beauty of the latest Sailor Moon musical have you wishing you could watch it, we have good news — you can see its best moments right now! A seven-minute digest video shows off the music, action, and sparkly costumes of Kaguya Hime's Beloved. Watch it right now after the jump!

  • Dimanche Novembre 28, 2021
  • Junji Ito Teams up with Village Vanguard for Creepy Dissolving Classroom Goods

    Perfect for apology gifts

    Fit out your home, office, and wardrobe with some of Junji Ito's creepy art. Village Vanguard is teaming up with the manga artist for a line of goods based on Dissolving Classroom. Check out the goods after the jump!

  • Vendredi Novembre 26, 2021
  • AnimeJapan Announces Return to Live Events for March 2022

    Fans will return to Tokyo Big Sight this spring

    After two years, AnimeJapan will be back at Tokyo Big Sight! The event, which began in 2014, announced its March weekend dates for 2022. Get the first news on the big show's return after the jump!

  • Fancy Cowboy Bebop Blend Mashes up Six Sakes

    Akihabara Premium Collection and Tajima Glass Tokyo celebrate the show's eclectic variety

    The crew of the Bebop is colorful, eclectic, and weird in all the right ways — so a spirit that celebrates them would have to be just as varied. Akihabara Premium has released a Cowboy Bebop blend of six whiskeys, plus a super classy glass to enjoy it in. Let's jam after the jump!

  • Mercredi Novembre 24, 2021
  • Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers Gets Christmas Eve Screenings in Japan

    ... if enough people sign up for each one

    Ultimate Christmas movie Tokyo Godfathers will be getting a special Christmas Eve screening — if the fans sign up for it! Three screenings of the Satoshi Kon film are lined up for the holiday, and will be a go based on audience size. Find out more after the jump!

  • Mardi Novembre 23, 2021
  • Idols Unite Across Time and Space for Macross 40th Anniversary Album

    Ranka Lee, Sheryl Nome, and Walküre perform iconic and fan-chosen songs from the series

    2022 marks 40 years since the sci-fi anime classic The Super Dimension Fortress Macross took to the skies. To celebrate its music, its galactic idols are teaming up for a 40th anniversary album, full of the music we've all come to love. Get a sneak peek of what's to come after the jump!

  • Lundi Novembre 22, 2021
  • Burning Kabaddi Musical Will Light up the Stage This February

    Yowamushi Pedal director helms the upcoming production

    Red-hot sports anime Burning Kabaddi is the latest series to get its own 2.5D musical production! The project was announced today, along with a full cast and lead crew. Check out the latest details after the jump!

  • Romeo's Blue Skies Musical Announces Its Lead Cast

    Prince of Tennis musical alum and One Piece theme singer will take the leads

    The World Masterpiece Theater classic Romeo's Blue Skies has found its lead cast! Stage actor Taka Ooyabu and singer Kota Shinzato will be taking the leads in the spring musical, with a cast filling out around them. See who's on board after the jump!

  • Dimanche Novembre 21, 2021
  • Voice Acting Anime CUE! Pins Down Premiere, Shares New PV and Visuals

    Meet the aspiring stars of the Moon and Wind groups

    The aspiring voice actresses of CUE! have set a date for their big anime premiere! An early January release has been locked in; plus, you can see a new PV and two new key visuals of the series's stars. Check them out after the jump!

  • Jeudi Novembre 18, 2021
  • Japan 2.5D Stage Play World Returns with New Sailor Moon, Naruto Titles

    By popular demand, you can now view a total of five special-effects anime spectaculars

    By popular demand, you'll get to see even more live-action anime onstage! Japan 2.5D Stage Play World is back next month, with three returning titles and two new ones — from the worlds of Sailor Moon and Naruto — for your viewing pleasure. Hit the jump for details!

  • Mercredi Novembre 17, 2021
  • Curl up for Creepy Daydreams on the Pokémon Gengar Sofa

    The Ghost-type joins Snorlax and Ditto as a comfy piece of furniture

    Who's that Pokémon? Believe it or not, it's Gengar! The Ghost-type has joined CELLUTANE's line of Pokémon-inspired furniture as a comfy sofa. Have a look after the jump!

  • Mardi Novembre 16, 2021
  • Winner Winner Ramen Dinner — Naruto Is Now in Fortnite!

    Check out the cosmetics, special items, and a look at Hidden Leaf Village

    Naruto and Fortnite teaming up? Believe it! The collaboration kicks off today, and it's got all the cosmetics and weapons you'll need to go off on your own Section 7 adventure. Plus, you can tour the Hidden Leaf Village — take a peek after the jump!

  • Lundi Novembre 15, 2021
  • Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano Opens 70th Birthday Site

    Celebratory project will include live events, new goods, and an exclusive fan site

    Next year, legendary illustrator Yoshitaka Amano turns 70 — but the gifts are for the fans! He's opened up a new website with an exclusive fan area, as well as teases for an upcoming birthday project that will exist both online and in real life. Get an early look after the jump!

  • This Custom Hatsune Miku PC Is One Hell of a Rig

    Hokkaido-based computer shop shows off a creation for a happy customer

    We're having major computer envy at the sight of this Hatsune Miku custom rig! Hokkaido-based PC Beagle made it especially for a customer, and shared photos and video of the unique desktop. Have a look after the jump!

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