Frenemy -Rumble of the Rat-

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Ever since the day his father left, Natsuo’s (Shokichi / EXILE) world was turned into a living hell. When he is taken into custody by a relative, Natsuo is separated from his younger sister and his best friend, Wataru (Naoto / EXILE). . From there, he would be abused at home and bullied at school for years. While the years matured Natsuo into a young man, his life was still nothing but a disgrace until he is taken under the wing of Kogure (Satoshi Jinbo), a yakuza leader. Soon, Kogure appoints Natsuo as a manager of a trashy night club; it is Natsuo’s first real chance to make something of his life. But Natsuo is unaware that Kogure, the man whom he confided in, is using him as a pawn in an outrageous bet—a bet that concerns his life!

On Natsuo’s first day at the night club, Wataru, his long-lost friend, walks through the door. Natsuo learns that Wataru is out of a job and hires him, but the gullible Natsuo does not question whether their reunion is pure coincidence or not… Elsewhere, the police investigation led by a female detective is planning to strike Kogure’s crime organization and has appointed an agent, or otherwise known as a “rat”, to go undercover…Who is the rat? And what will happen to the bet…and of Natsuo’s fate?