A world where a massive sea blankets the skies: Mitrasphere.

Two worlds exist, straddling the ocean sky from below and above. Golden crystals rain down from an enormous tree floating in the ocean above. The miraculous power these crystals possess alter the lives of everyone and everything. Those the crystals fall upon meet one of two fates: a life of endless riches, or inimitable suffering.

These crystals were hence named “Mitra,” a name that ushers forth both hope and misfortune.

This is a tale of a village whose residents are petrified as they gradually mutate into trees; of a girl enslaved, whose words none can understand; of a warrior from a ruined country, who lost both pride and limb; and of strangers from another world, whose preordained future spells doom for the land.

When the determined choose to rise against their fate, a compass will show them the way.

Game Features


Jobari's young queen.

Matilda Penthesilea

CV: Rie Kugimiya

My name is Matilda. I... I own this pet!

Matilda is the queen of the Jobarites, demi-humans who live in a vast subtropical forest. The villagers have been placed under a curse that turns them into wood, and Matilda's mother lost her life due to the curse. This is how she became the queen at such a young age. She feels a need to prove herself to her elders, and tries to hide her weaknesses.


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