GTO Taiwan

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In recent years more Taiwanese students have been studying at Japanese universities. To help foster better understanding between the two countries, Onizuka (AKIRA) has been invited to a one week teaching assistant program at a Taiwanese high school. He takes Ryuuji (Yuu Shirota) with him and sets off.

Their first day there, they encounter Saejima (Yusuke Yamamoto), and their Taiwanese legend behind. The high school where Onizuka's been staying is ruled by a man who's gained power and money by financing the city's redevelopment. “Bullying is a game.” Anyone who disobeys his son, even the teachers, is kicked out of the school, with no exceptions. At an all-Taiwanese high school, Onizuka's more of place than he's ever been in his life. And what about Ryuuji, who's escaping with a mysterious young girl from some thugs? And where did Saejima go?