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  • A solid mixture of IC and IRL
    After Roots and GU Trilogy, this has been a saviour for me. It was simple and sweet, and lived between both worlds really well. I would have loved to have seen more, but I wonder if this was so well done because it was just short and sweet. I found Roots and GU drug out a bit.
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  • A solid .hack title for fans and newcomers alike
    People getting stuck in a game? Check. Glitches and hacks creating havoc in said game (and outside of it)? Check. Data drain? Check. .hack//Quantum is a solid chapter in the .hack franchise that makes references to previous events and dot hackers. It's great for fans of the series and is an easy entry point for new comers. It's short, but enjoyable.
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  • its a good watch you should try it
    I remember watching .hack//sign when i was school and i have always like this series of shows. If you want want to see were sword art online got some of the ideas watch this show. .hack//quantum is nice and short you don't need to watch the other series to understand this one. If you have some free time this is a good watch.
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    Very entertaining: I recommend it
    Very entertaining. One of the better experiences I've had of the .hack series since the early days. I like how they didn't get mired down in tropes and focused on telling the story they wanted to tell. The art and production values were top notch as well, more like film quality rather than tv.
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    it has all the stuff you remember from the original show, but poorly written.
    Now, im not going to spoil this 3 episode show. if you want to watch it, its so short that it could probably be combined into one video and barely qualify as a movie.

    anyway, the show, this show, has everything you'd expect from .hack//. people get stuck in the game, sinister glitch/cheat things, the avatars of kite and friends (cant remember their names) but tweaked for new genders for that ...
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