Hanamaru Kindergarten

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  • Focused on all the wrong aspects
    Maybe 2.5 stars.
    This is supposed to be a story about kindergarten... Why can't it just be cute? Nooo we have to mix in a bunch of weird love interests to waste time rather than having a creative child-like story. At first the shock factor of it was humorous, but there comes a point when they should STOP and let it be a joke! The "love triangle" put a dagger in the cuteness of the show, ...
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  • A sweet kindergarten anime
    Hanamaru kindergarten was a very cute and kawaii anime. While it was not complete innocence as I thought, as small children and adults in relationships isn't what I'm a big fan of, it was still pretty funny and cute. Recommended for people who like children and funny cuteness and some romanxe
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  • Super cute but a little cringe worthy
    I have to say it was a cute fun story but I don't really like stories involving REALLY young children and adults in love. Now mind it's mostly one sided on the childs end but there are a handful of moments where it borders inappropriate the other way too. I think its cute and worth watching but beware the pedo
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  • One of the most Adorable Anime's
    This anime is the definition of cuteness and adorable. You would have a hard time not loving this show, and It definitely had me and my girlfriend talking more about wanting kids.

    Characters: The characters, OMG the characters. What can I say, you will instantly fall in love with all of them. Not to mention they will keep growing on you as the show continues.

    Story: The story ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    If you enjoy a good, short series
    A romance story between a kindergarten teacher, his co-worker and his student may sound bizarre and creepy but the story was actually bright and charming. I liked the animation style and thought the way the series portrayed the children ( their characters, their logic and reasoning, etc. ) was believable which is something I don't often think of with child-based series. The ending credits, which ...
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  • Funny, cute and refreshing
    The girls are so adorable esp the genius one with her different costumes - I really laughed so hard on the episode where she had the shark costume and Tsuchi took her out of the water and she continued to pretend that she was a shark, OMG!

    Storyline is okay, I love the music and the kids' antics. The yamamoto sisters are just too dense for comfort.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed it. Nice.
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  • 3 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
    Just couldn't get into this
    It's nicely-animated, the voice work is okay, and the music is refreshing, but there's just no real substance to it. It's not engaging enough to really be iyashi-kei, it's not funny enough to be comedy, and the romantic elements it tries for are woeful. It comes off as awkward and creepy, and even sexist -- in all directions -- at times. The students just seem to be retreads of older student ...
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  • Nothing Should Be This Adorable.
    I am pretty sure there is a law somewhere against things being this adorable. This is quite possibly the most adorable thing to ever exist in the universe. If you are not careful, you will inadvertently compare everything else in the world to this show, and you will permanently lose your ability to find anything else cute ever again. Viewer beware: Death from cuteness overload highly probable.
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