Harukana Receive

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Oozora Haruka is a high school second-year who's just moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. Haruka is generally cheerful and optimistic, but there's one thing she feels insecure about: she's taller than most other girls. Higa Kanata, her cousin of the same age who meets her at the airport, also has one hang-up: she had to quit her beloved beach volleyball in the past because she was too short. Through some twist of fate, these mismatched cousins find themselves paired up as a beach volleyball team. On this vast court of sand, each of them has only one ally... How will this duo play together in a sport where the presence of one's teammate is more important than anything?! As the midsummer sun shines down on the Okinawan beach, the sweat and passion of these two girls begin to shine!