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  • Harukana Receive review nobody will care about
    YES! This anime is so good! I love it to death! It's a great drama, it's gotta be my new favorite anime I think! Worth watching, 12/10. Sure, it's got the obvious fan service, but everything besides that is amazing. I just love this anime! Can't recommend it enough!
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  • Definitely one of the best anime’s ever
    This anime is fantastic(please make a season 2 cdc)
    1. if you actually watch the first 2 episodes the plot pulls you in
    2.amazing/beautiful animation
    3.another anime that shows power of friendship
    4.the songs are super catchy
    5. Insanely good character development
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  • Good fan service, but that's really it
    Love the fan service. Lots of closeups and jiggling is always a plus. But the story is meh. The pacing is SO bad! They go though like 20 points per match, best of 3 matches, minimum of 3 hits per serve. Thats minimum 120 hits per game, its usually more than that, and it gets kinda repetitive tbh. I've been stuck on episode 10 for about 3 months now because I just can't get into it enough to care ...
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