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The story takes place on Screw Island, a screw-shaped island nation where people make audiences laugh through the practice of "VocabBattles," heated gag contests in which "VocabBots" place "VocabScrews" on their heads and compete to come up with the funniest joke. Everything in this world is decided through VocabBattles!

The unlikely duo of Heybot, the bungling VocabBot protagonist, and his partner, the easygoing prince Nejiru, are the stars in this ridiculous gag story! Various other unique, silly-but-cute VocabBot characters appear throughout the series, challenging Heybot and Nejiru to one VocabBattle after another. And thus begins the day-to-day adventures of Heybot and Nejiru as they strive to win VocabBattles and collect more screws!