Mob Monday Preview: Who’s the Mysterious Rich Guy? And Is That Who We Think It Is?

Episode 3 really left us with some heavy feelings, but it seems like we won’t have much time to catch our breath as episode 4 rears its head!

Mob Monday is upon us, and we can hardly wait for that next Mob Psycho 100 II episode! It seemed that the more attention Reigen and Mob get, the more complicated things become. Although the saying is “more money, more problems,” it seems Mob and Reigen are having “more spirits, more problems!” Hopefully Reigen and Mob can find their center as they get ready to explore… a giant mansion?! It seems there’s no rest for the wicked for our beloved boys, and the stuff around the corner looks like it could really make things pretty hairy. It also seems like some familiar characters are making unexpected returns...



First things first: What a mansion! But aside from the size, what’s going on in there?! It seems like Mob and Reigen aren’t the only psychics that got called to this place, and it seems like the chained up girl might be the key to this mystery. With that many psychics (real or otherwise) in the building, there’s bound to be something really strange going on, but it seems like the episode preview also hints at the fact that it could be really dangerous. The end of the preview certainly seems to imply that Mob is about to take things really seriously, so we can only guess that things are about to heat up quickly! After seeing Mob’s internal struggles in episode 3, we hope he’s got things sorted out before having to use his powers again.

what are YOU doing here?

And that brings us to our second question: Is that Claw member Matsuo hiding in the crowd?! What in the world is he doing there? It seemed like after the end of season one we had seen the last of the Scar members, but it seems that not only is Matsuo back, but he’s scared of being seen by Mob, Dimple, and Reigen. The only thing we can probably say for sure after seeing him is that whatever is going on in this mansion, it has a high chance of being a really big, and threatening deal! It’ll be interesting to see how the crew react to Matsuo if they end up bumping in to one another, and it seems like Dimple may be able to enact a little bit more revenge on him for what he did to him in season one!

eyes emoji

Boy, the first three episodes of Mob Psycho 100 II really seem to be turning up the personal heat on character relationships, but this new episode seems to promise some real psychic fireworks. Hopefully things turn out okay for our beloved Mob and Reigen (oh, and Dimple, too), but whatever’s coming is probably going to be a big obstacle! You can do it, Mob! We believe in you!

Excited for more Mob Psycho 100 II? What’s your favorite part so far? Let us know in the comments!

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