Which of Senku’s Scientific Recreations Is the Most Important Thus Far?

What's the best of the best when it comes to science?

Ever since he broke out of his stone imprisonment, Senku’s been very busy. It’s a good thing he kept his mind active and busy over the thousands of years he was stuck since he’s now able to utilize everything he knows in order to reintroduce this new world to science. Over the course of the series, we’ve seen Senku find ways to craft all sorts of tools, technology, and experiments that have pushed society forward faster than anticipated. There’s certainly been some scientific advancements that have been more useful than others, so which ones are the biggest and most important so far in the series? 




In order to determine the five best scientific recreation or advancement, we’re going to look at how it will push forth building a new society in the stone world, how it can help Senku create his Kingdom of Science, whether it’ll help large groups of people, and how it can be used for other advancements. Sprinkle in a little subjectivity and we’ll have the top five best uses of science that Dr. STONE has shown so far!


5. Soap



Soap might seem like an odd choice given what can be done with science. Take a second to remember though, this world is starting over from scratch. There’s no amenities. Keeping up your personal hygiene is going to be something that will help in the long run. Maybe washing your hands will help protect you from a simple illness that you might contract being out in nature all the time? You won’t be caked in dirt, mud, grime, or any other substance that water might not be able to take care of by itself. It’ll make you feel more like you have some level of comfort again, which in a world that has been retaken over by nature, is a luxury. Plus, you have to think that considering everyone else Senku encounters doesn’t have soap most likely, there’s a lot of smells going around that can be alleviated by this. 


4. Iron



This is tied into a selection later on with its purpose in the show, but let’s look at this in a more generalized sense. Senku hasn’t made it so that he can make any kind of metal or found a process to make it easy to reproduce since he had to bribe the village with food to help him, but this is a good first step. Having the ability to create iron will expand upon what can be made and used. You can use it for building, protection, weaponry, storage, and so many other purposes. The problem comes with Senku’s means of production currently because it’s not the easiest thing to make at the moment. However, the fact that it can be made is a good step forward to recreating a modern society.


3. Glass



How often, when you’re watching a piece of media that’s set in a dystopia, post-apocalyptic world, or any world that doesn’t have the conveniences of modern technology do you think, “how many of these people can’t see because they don’t have glasses?”. Probably very rarely if at all. It’s one of those aspects that usually isn’t addressed in those kinds of stories, but Dr. STONE actually makes you think that. Senku finding a way to make glass not only helps him for other scientific endeavors by allowing him to make beakers and other glass equipment, but lets him correct people’s eyesight as he did with Suika and Kinro. That’s a pretty important thing to do! Now folks who thought they had a strange incurable condition can have that fixed! It’s two big advancements for the price of one.


2. Electricity



It may have been just a singular light bulb, but Senku has brought electricity back to Earth. Given his current set up now and how it’s powered by magnets and a manual power generator, you’re probably not going to see street lights and overpowering light displays anytime soon, but knowing that electricity is possible with the equipment they’ve made is a remarkable feat. Without the iron, this wouldn’t be possible, so this is a case of one recreation feeding itself into another to make more breakthroughs. The fact that they are able to create electricity means that this can be built upon further to try and potentially condense the process down so it’s not as time consuming to light a single light bulb. Why stop at one, right? There’s a way to light up multiple light bulbs at the same time with their current method most likely. That could lead to the Kingdom of Science being the brightest place on Earth.


1. Sulfa drugs



Modern medicine! In a post-apocalyptic world! To understand how significant this is, sulfa drugs weren’t created until the 20th century. They’re less than 100 years old as of this article’s publication. Senku has literally expand everyone’s life expectancy. No longer do they have to fear getting sick or think an illness will be the death of them. Sure, there’s going to be medical conditions that these drugs can’t treat, but it’s a testament to how much they’ll be able to help. Of course, given the dangerous nature it takes to acquire the materials to make them, it’s not like Senku has the means to mass produce drugs at this point, but since he’s able to make them on a case-by-case basis, he’s a life saver. You can basically give him his medical doctorate now at this point, although I don’t know how many people would understand what that means thousands of years in the future.




By the time we reach the end of Dr. STONE’s 24 episode run, this list might be woefully out of date given what Senku has been able to do so far in the series. Surely, there will be even more scientific breakthroughs that he’s able to accomplish with minimal resources. With what he’s done, it’s possible we could see electronics pop back up into this society, different kinds of food that were thought to be impossible, or maybe it’ll be something like a synthetic material. Whatever it ends up being, Senku will find a way to make it work, which will make the inevitable showdown against Tsukasa all the more interesting. 


What do you think is the biggest scientific breakthrough that Senku has performed thus far? What do you think he's still capable of? Let us know down in the comments below!





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