FEATURE: Why Fans Of Bleach Should Be Excited For Burn the Witch

Enter Bleach's Spiritual Successor — Burn the Witch

Burn the Witch


It's been a stellar year for you Bleach fans out there. First, there's news that the anime will be continued in 2021; and then, renowned creator Tite Kubo announces another creation that takes place in the same universe — Burn the Witch.


This one-shot manga was Kubo's first piece of published work since Bleach concluded in 2016. Only two years have passed following the events of Bleach's finale (Chapter 686). Burn the Witch stars Noel Niihashi and Spangle Ninii, two witches who work for the western branch of the Soul Society. While Bleach puts an emphasis on exorcising lost souls (Hollows) and guiding them to the afterlife, Burn the Witch has started with the slaying of monstrous dragon entities that humans cannot detect with their eyes.


When experiencing Bleach for the first time, it's very hard not to wonder what the other branches of the Soul Society are comprised of. Bleach has a strong focus on the Soul Society's branch that oversees Japan, leaving you with the question: "Who protects the other corridors of the world?"


Burn the Witch remedies this question by setting itself in London, Europe with its Soul Society parallel — Reverse London. Interestingly enough, Noel traverses between these realms with a coin and telephone booth. A method very befitting of the setting, but much different than that of the Soul Reapers. Not only that, but in the first chapter there's mention of eight royal squads known as the "Wing Bind Supreme Powers." From an entry perspective, they certainly rival Bleach's court guard squads known as "Gotei 13."


Burn the Witch


Chapter 1 has made its English debut, while the animation is set to release later this year. Be sure to check out the trailer.


Fans of Bleach ... rejoice! The time for you is now.


Burn the Witch


Question Time! If you were to create your own original successor to Bleach, which sector of the world would yours take place in?


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