POLL: What One Thing Would You Use The Dragon Balls To Wish For?

Make a wish upon the Dragon Balls

The anniversary of the Dragon Ball franchise is here! Coincidentally, it’s also Alien Day, so go out and spar with your local Saiyan. Just don’t destroy too much public property!


Everyone who grew up with the show spent some time contemplating what they would want to ask from the Dragon Balls, so why not ask all of you?


For the sake of ease, we’re going to assume there’s only one wish remaining. No need to wish back humanity (or Goku), or wish the latest evil threat away. There’s simply an extra wish, and you get to choose what to do with it.


To that end, I made a simple quiz to go along with this article. Just fill out what you would wish for and I’ll go through the results and post a follow-up article with some of the funniest and best answers on Tuesday, May, 3rd.



If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments below what you wished for!




Kevin Matyi is a freelance features writer for Crunchyroll. He's been watching anime for as long as he can remember, and his favorite shows tend to be shonen and other action series.

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