VIDEO: New OVA Series "Transformers Go!" Anime Trailer

The 30th anniversary series of the "Transformers" franchise

Takara Tomy's official YouTube channel posted a 57 seconds commercial for its new OVA series Sanjougattai Transformers Go! on June 21. The trailer introduces the Swordbot Samurai Team; Kenzan, Jinbu, Ganoh, showing off their transformations sequence, and also a human protagonist boy Isami Tatewaki. The video was previously introduced at Takara Tomy's panel in International Tokyo Toy show last weekend. Takara Tomy launched the Transformers Go! toy line in April. The anime series based on the toy line will be bundled on DVDs with Shogakukan's TV-kun magazine and Kodansha's TV Magazine. TV-kun will feature the story of the Samurai team (Kenzan, Jinbu, Ganoh) and TV Magazine's main feature will be the Shinobi team (Gekisoumaru, Hishoumaru, Sensuimaru).


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