Suiseiseki and Souseiseki Figurines from “Rozen Maiden”

To be released in Jan 2015

Hobby model maker Wave introduces figurines from the hit series “Rozen Maiden”, #3 Doll Suiseiseki and #4 Doll Souseiseki!


Suiseiseki  Souseiseki  Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 翠星石 蒼星石


“Maiden”, a dreamlike, domestic Gothic fantasy, began as a manga created by the artist duo PEACH-PIT. The comic spawned a successful anime adaptation. Wave’s new figurines, based on the previously released “Miki Sakurazaka” figure prototype, are fully articulated models that have received a complete update for the latest anime of 2013. Painstaking artistic attention is paid to the creation of each model for this product line.


Fitting the theme of “sweet and beautiful models brimming with gothic charm”, Suiseiseki comes with a “Garden Watering Can”, while her sister Souseiseki is ready to serve with a pair of “Gardening Shears”. TBS Animation’s official online store, Animaru, is also offering a “Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki Garden Watering Can Gold-Plated Version” and “Rozen Maiden Souseiseki Garden Shears Gold-Plated Version”.


The price for the Suiseiseki model is 9,500 yen; for Souseiseki, 9,300 yen. Gold-Plated Version Suiseiseki costs 9,800 yen, while Gold-Plated Version Souseiseki is priced at 9,600 yen. The figurines are slated for release in January 2015; the order deadline for the special Gold-Plated models is September 4.


Suiseiseki   Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 翠星石

#3 Doll Suiseiseki


Suiseiseki  Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 蒼星石

#4 Doll Souseiseki


Suiseiseki   Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 翠星石

“Garden Watering Can” included


Souseiseki  Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 蒼星石

“Sweet and beautiful models brimming with gothic charm” are the specialty!


Suiseiseki   Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 翠星石

Suiseiseki, rear view


Suiseiseki Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン 蒼星石

Souseiseki, rear view


#3 Doll Suiseiseki
#4 Doll Souseiseki



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