"Working!!" Manga Author Posts Wedding Celebration Illustration for Voice Actor Satoshi Hino

Hino announced his marriage to voice actress Saki Nakajima

Soon after 36-year-old anime voice actor Satoshi Hino announced his marriage to voice actress Saki Nakajima who is the same age with him on his official blog yesterday, January 11, the Working!! manga author Karino Takatsu posted a wedding celebration illustration for him on the franchise's official Twitter.


Hino has been playing Kirio Yamada in the two TV anime adaptations of Working!! produced by A-1 Pictures. In the past, Takatsu sent wedding celebration illustrations for the three voice actresses of the anime series: Ryoko Shiraishi (Kazue Takanashi), Shizuka Ito (Kozue Takanashi), and Kana Asumi (Popura Taneshima). She deprecatingly says, "Working!! is the anime everyone can get marry (except the manga author)."


The Working!! TV anime third season is slated for July 2015.



For Satoshi Hino (January 11, 2015)



For Ryoko Shiraishi (September 7, 2012)



For Shizuka Ito (December 5, 2012)



For Kana Asumi (January 15, 2014)



Source: "Working!!" official Twitter


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