Funimation Announces "Drifters" English Dub Cast

This action-filled, sci-fi/historical thriller is arriving dubbed to FunimationNow channels this Sunday, November 6th, at 10:00pm ET

Funimation is adding some action to their fall SimulDub line-up this weekend with the debut of Drifters on FunimationNow channels this Sunday, November 6th, at 10:00pm ET. Preparing for this, they have announced the series' English dub cast.


ADR Director – Christopher Bevins
ADR Engineer – Matt Grounds
Script Adaptation – Patrick Seitz
Mix Engineer – Nathanael Harrison


Shimazu Toyohisa - Josh Grelle

A native Texan and avid anime fan, Josh Grelle has been working in voice work for over 10 years. After starting with ADV Films in January 2004, Josh was quickly bombarded with tons of in-booth experience on a wide range of shows, including Wedding Peach, Steam Detectives, 009-1, and the legendary Gatchaman. He began working for FUNimation Entertainment in 2006. Since then, he has starred in numerous titles; his most famous being Kenichi in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Other roles include Armin in Attack on Titan, Kyohei in the Wallflower, Kouichi in Linebarrles of Iron, Yuki in Future Diary, Itsuki in Initial D, and Kuranosuke in Princess Jellyfish. More recent roles include Chow from Starship Troopers: Invasion, Nicky in Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, Kazuya Aoi in Freezing, Yuji Sakai in Shakugan no Shana, Akihisa Yoshii in Baka and Test, and Komatsu in Toriko. Aside from anime, Josh has lent his voice to a number of video games, including Sima Shi in Dynasty Warriors 7, Xbalanque in Smite, Dave in Borderlands 2, and the voice of the “energetic” custom character in Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Josh is represented by The Mary Collins Agency.


Oda Nobunaga - Robert McCollum

Robert McCollum has been working with FUNIMATION for over ten years, voicing over 200 roles going all the way back to teen Goten in DRAGONBALL GT. Current notable work includes Reiner in ATTACK ON TITAN, Jellal in FAIRY TAIL , , Date Masamune in SENGOKU BASRA and Kogami in PSYCHOPASS. A father of two living in Dallas and working as a commercial voice-over and on-camera actor, McCollum is also the voice of Axton in BORDERLANDS 2, and has done work for the games ORCS MUST DIE and BORTHERS IN ARMS: EARNED IN BLOOD. Among his personal favorite anime roles are Sweden in HETALIA, Stiyl Magnus in A CERTAIN MAGICAL INDEX, Kaze in KAZE NO STIGMA, Donquixote Doflamingo in ONE PIECE, Tozawa in WITCHBLADE and his first bad guy, Shinobu Sensui from YU YU HAKUSHO: GHOST FILES.


Nasu no Yoichi - Justin Briner

Justin Briner is a Dallas-based actor and singer known primarily for his work in anime and video games. Most recently, he joined the cast of Danganronpa 3 as Ryota Mitarai. He can also be heard as Izuku in My Hero Academia, Mikaela in Seraph of the End, Qwenthur in Heavy Object, Alfonso in GARO: The Animation, Elam in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Manato in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Lance in Puzzle & Dragons X, and many more. Additionally, he has provided voices for games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail, Cibele, SMITE, and DreadOut. When not behind the mic, Justin enjoys reading, cooking, wrestling an insurmountable Netflix backlog, and playing video games (he is an unapologetic Hearthstone addict).You can always follow what he’s up to on twitter @justinbriner!


Scipio Africanus - Mark Stoddard

Little did he know, watching all those Godzilla movies while growing up in the 1950s and 60s, he was doing career prep for later in life. A stage actor since high school with some TV, film, and commercial gigs here and there, Mark began working for Funimation about 10 years ago and has since racked up an impressive list of over 100 credits playing a wide range of characters. He also dubs foreign live action films and the occasional video game. He’s not on Twitter but you’re welcome to visit his Facebook page, Mark Stoddard – Actor, Voice Talent.

Hannibal Barca - R Bruce Ellliott

Butch Cassidy -  J. Michael Tatum

Nurtured on anime classics from the tender age of Star Blazers, et al, this reclusive fanboy-turned-voice actor/writer/ADR director/flake extraordinaire spent more years than he cares to remember in what might charitably be described as freefall before landing, mostly by accident, smack dab on the industry of his dreams. To this day, some believe the small crater made by the impact remains the source of his power.
Discovered by Funimation warhorse and visionary ADR director Christopher Bevins, who cast him as Rikichi in 2005’s Samurai 7, Tatum’s inexplicable luck has held long enough to see his flag hoisted on a slew of dream roles, most notably Kyoya Otori in the hit English language dub of Ouran High School Host Club, suave, demonic Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler and the equal parts maniacal/vulnerable Okarin Rintarou from Steins;Gate. Other characters the man still can’t believe he’s had the crazy good fortune to play include: Doumeki in XXXHolic, Jiro Mochizuki in Black Blood Brothers, Isaac Dian in Baccano!, Both God Eneru and Dalton in the new dub of One Piece, Komui Lee in D-Gray Man, Dororo in Sgt. Frog, the titular loveable savage of Heroic Age, Ryosuke Takahashi in Initial D, Lawrence Kraft in Spice and Wolf, Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Scar in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Sir Hammerlock in the videogame juggernaut Borderlands 2. His vocal “stylings,” much to the chagrin of drama teachers everywhere, he’s sure, have also been featured in Romeo X Juliet, Speed Grapher, Trinity Blood, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Black Cat, Nabari no Ou, Ghost Hunt, School Rumble, The Tower of Druaga, Aquarion, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Shuffle, Shigurui, Glass Fleet, Mushishi, Soul Eater, along with feature- length films such as Vexille, Summer Wars, and Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, among many others.
And as if being involved with so many awesome shows wasn’t enough, in late 2007 the fluky so-and-so tempted fate by officially branching out into ADR directing and adaptive scriptwriting for Funimation as well. His ADR directing credits to date include Aquarion, Jyu-oh-Sei, Romeo X Juliet, Big Windup, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne and Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess), while his writing credits include substantial work on Ouran High School Host Club, Heroic Age, Initial D, Blassreiter, Ga Rei: Zero, Hero Tales, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Fractale, Deadman Wonderland, Steins;Gate and Dragon Ball Z Kai.
In early 2010 he teamed up with Terri Doty and Stephen Hoff to launch That Anime Show, a web-based chat show centered on colorful, often diabolically unhinged interviews with friends and colleagues within the dubbing industry, all episodes of which can be downloaded for free at
Ever the workaholic, Tatum is currently burning the midnight oil on a number of exciting projects due for release later this year. And before you ask, the “J” stands for… Well, it stands for whatever you’d like it to.


Sundance Kid - Kent Williams

Dallas actor, Kent Williams has logged almost 30 years of preschool-college instruction in such disciplines as marionette puppetry, hand-to-hand stage combat and Japanese kabuki theater. A Telly Award-winning puppeteer, Kent is Show and Education Director for Le Theatre de Marionette, specializing in European-style string puppetry; and on the Dallas stage Kent is a company member of the critically acclaimed Undermain Theatre, best known for it’s basement performing space and premiering of new works. An SMU theater grad, Kent is represented by the Mary Collins Agency and can be heard on numerous anime features and video games such as Dragon Ball Z as Dr. Gero, Mecenary Tao, Supreme Kai, Elder Kai, Kabito Kai and Janemba; Fruits Basket as Hatori Souma; Yu Yu Hakusho as Jorge Sao Tome and Chuu; Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood as Father; Trinity Blood as Count Gyula; Soul Eater, as Sid; Darker Than Black as Mao; Hetalia, as Turkey; Initial D as Bunta; Fairy Tale as Jura; One Piece as Captain Kuro, Clover and Shura; Evangelion as Fuyutsuki; Shakugan no Shana as Alistor; Space Dandy as Perry; Black Cat as Charden Flamberg; Kenichi as Akisame; Sgt. Frog as Paul; Kodocha as Gomi; Trigun as Caine Flaccano; Baka and Test as Nishimura; School Rumble as Tani, Mangoku and Nakamura; Romeo X Juliet as Dr. Lancelot; Tower of Druaga as Utu; Speedgrapher as Genba Ryougoku; Witchblade as Wado; Future Diary as Deus; D. Gray-man as Jake Russell, Deadman Wonderland as Domon; Phantom as Scythe Master; and Anime News Network’s “Best Male English Dub Performance” for Momoko in Shangri-La.


Naoshi Kanno - Justin Cook

Tamon Yamaguchi - Sonny Strait

Sonny Strait is most recognized as the voice of Krillin on the wildly popular, animated TV show Dragon Ball Z and as an illustrator for, arguably, the most famous, independently published comic book series Elfquest. Strait has over 20 years of experience in the arts.As a voice actor, Strait is considered to be one of the most recognized voice actors in the business. Besides Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin he has worked on many popular animated characters including Usopp in One Piece, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cartoon Network’s laid back, robot host Toonami TOM. Last year he took the lead role of Koro Sensei on Assassination Classroom.As a comic book artist he has 17 published works to date including his débuted self-published series Mr. Average featured in The Comics Journal and also worked Elfquest which was published by both WARP Graphics and DC Comics. he’s considered one of the top Elfquest artists from its over 30 year history. He is currently coloring Elfquest; The Final Quest for Dark Horse Comic.In 2007, he wrote and illustrated a graphic novel about a reluctant punk rock, faerie princess named Goat. The book, called We Shadows, was published by Tokyopop and was nominated by The American Library Association for Best Graphic Novel in 2008. The book received glowing reviews in many trade magazines including Publishers Weekly, Newtype, Play and Anime Insider.As a director he has work on many notable productions including Dragonball, Lupin III, Prison School and most recently Escaflowne.


Jeanne D’Arc - Colleen Clinkenbeard

Colleen Clinkenbeard is a voice actor and director whose work can be heard in over 100 anime and video game titles. Best known for playing the English voices of Gohan and Android 18 in Dragonball Z Kai, Monkey D Luffy in One Piece, Erza Scarlett in Fairy Tail and Riza Hawkeye in Fullmetal Alchemist, Colleen can also be heard in the video games Borderlands I and II as Lilith, Patricia Tannis and Captain Scarlett. Two of her favorite roles include Hana in Wolf Children, and Momiji in Good Luck Girl.As a director, Fullmetal Alchemist is what put her on the map; but she’s also worked on such projects as Black Butler, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Steins;Gate.For a full listing of her work, check her out on Wikipedia.


Gilles de Rais - Christopher R. Sabat

Currently tallying well over 500 roles in his career, Christopher R. Sabat (@VoiceOfVegeta) has been an active part of the voiceover industry since 1998. Most noted as one of the early employees of FUNimation Productions and the Voice Director for Dragonball Z, he voiced many DBZ characters including Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Mr. Popo, Korin, Burter, Shenron, Zarbon, Guru, and more.Since Dragonball, Christopher also brought some other popular characters to life including Alex Luis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist), Elfman (Fairy Tail), Roronoa Zoro (One Piece), Ayame Sohma (Fruits Basket), Saiga Tatsumi (Speed Grapher), Kurogane (Tsubasa Chronicles), Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III), Father Tres (Trinity Blood), Braun (Stiens Gate), Giroro (Sgt Frog), Rundas (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption), Garterbelt (Panty and Stocking), Sakaki (Kenichi), Masa (My Bride is a Mermaid), Saito (Darker Than Black), Woerman (Attack on Titan), and Alex D (Deus Ex: Invisible War).

Most recently, he can be heard as Kyoma Mabuchi on Toonami’s Dimension W, Rath and Geoff in the upcoming Gearbox title Battleborn, Batou in the acclaimed Ghost In the Shell: Arise series, Goro Sasabe in Free! Eternal Summer, Sakuya Togane in the second season of Psycho-Pass, Jason in Tokyo Ghoul, Mondo in Dangan Ronpa, and he is most excited to take on the role of the incomparable Allmight in the epic My Hero Academia.

In 2004, Christopher founded Okratron 5000, a well-established voiceover production studio based in Dallas, Texas which he continues to run to this day. When he’s not in the studio, he likes to play with his adorable daughters, make electronic music, and buy vintage Pumas and airline glassware on eBay.



Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova - Rachel Robinson

Rachel is a voice actress and scriptwriter. A few notable anime roles include: Zorin Blitz in Hellsing Ultimate, Ohgami in Danganronpa, Joel in Gangsta, Kikyo in One Piece, Wendy in Black Butler, Os Cara Stauffenberg in Harmony, Farangis in The Heroic Legend of Arslan; Angelica in Show By Rock!!, Garak in Snow White with the Red Hair, Hiroko in Yuri on Ice, and many others.Rachel also does ADR scriptwriting; having written for Kamisama Kiss II, Show By Rock!!, Snow White with the Red Hair, Escaflowne, and Skip Beat, currently working on season 2 of Show By Rock!!


Grigori Rasputin - Christopher Bevins

Since 2001, Christopher Bevins has directed, cast, produced, acted in, and/or adapted scripts for over 150 anime series, movies and specials. His anime acting credits include Japan in Hetalia, Nine in Terror in Resonance, Yogi in Karneval, Apollo in Aquarion, Amata in Aquarion EVOL, Hanamori inPrincess Jellyfish, Joe in Prison School, Fastener in Panty & Stocking, Hagakure in Danganronpa: The Animation, Narsus in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Lahar in Fairy Tale, Sherlock Holmes in Soul Eater, Lafitte and Shu Shu in One Piece, Shishi Wakamaru in Yu Yu Hakusho, Bee the Puppy in Dragon Ball Z, and Beck the Dog in BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. He can also be heard as various characters and critters in Tokyo Ghoul, Space Dandy, Attack on Titan, Toriko, Steins;Gate, Baccano!, Fullmetal Alchemist (both series), Ouran High School Host Club, Sgt. Frog, Black Butler, Big Windup!, Shin chan, Fruits Basket, Case Closed and many more. Chris has also worked on several video games, most notably as Dhalsim in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, as well as various background characters in Borderlands 2.In his primary job as a Voice Director, Chris has assumed casting and directing duties on Michiko & Hatchin; Princess Jellyfish; Danganronpa: The Animation; Ping Pong: The Animation; Nobunagun; Karneval; The Devil is a Part-Timer!; BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad (with Taliesin Jaffe); Sengoku Basara; Aquarion EVOL; Jormungand; Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing; King of Thorn; Heaven’s Lost Property; Samurai 7; Speed Grapher; Witchblade; Burst Angel; and Dragon Ball GT. His most recent directing work includes GANGSTA., The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Yurikuma Arashi, and Terror in Resonance.

Follow Christopher Bevins on Twitter @VoiceofBevins

Hijikata Toshizo - Ian Sinclair

Recently announced as the voice of Gija in Yona of the Dawn, Yousuke in Death Parade, and Sousuke in Free! Eternal Summer, Ian Sinclair has been voice acting since he was a sophomore in college, where he studied theatre. Since then he’s been working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a professional actor in a multitude of arenas. He’s performed on stage, on camera, and, of course, behind the mic.A few of Ian’s more popular roles include Dandy in Space Dandy, Brook in One Piece, Toriko in Toriko, Nile Dok in Attack on Titan, Whiis in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Ryner Lute in Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Bardroy in Black Butler, Romano in Hetalia, Chuck in Panty and Stocking, Shu in Princess Jellyfish, Dallas in Baccano, Yomotsu Hirasaka (12th) in Future Diary, Alcides in Appleseed XII, Seo in Sekirei, Takeru in Maken-Ki, Kawazu and Bora in Fairy Tail, Ginei Morioka in Rosario + Vampire, Shogo in Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Zaki in Claymore, Toyama in Oh! Edo Rocket, Douglas and Steve in El Cazador de la Bruja, Shiro in Okami-san, Daisuke Matsuo in Yamada’s First Time, Marc in Spice and Wolf II, Hasegawa in Baka and Test, Takamy in Fractale, Akoz in Casshern Sins, Toraji in Bamboo Blade, Liam in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Orang in Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing, and Colin in Level E, and Hirato in Karneval.Additionally, Ian can be heard as the voice of Montana in the video game Battleborn, Whiis in Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse and Battle of Z, Tyr in Smite, Baron Flynt in Borderlands, Professor Nakayama and Jimbo Hodunk in Borderlands 2, and as the “Cool” custom hero voice in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Ian has worked as a director on Initial D, Spice and Wolf II, Black Butler I & II, and the Shana movie.

Black King - Jeremy Schwartz


Murasaki - David Wald

Abe no Seimei - Chris Patton


Olminu - Gwendolyn Lau

Kafet - Aaron Roberts

Being a native Tennessean raised in Florida, Aaron’s human experience as been nothing short of “colorful.” He sprinted at the opportunity to relocate to the great state of Texas and build a life as an artist that gets his hands dirty. Aaron has been acting for the stage and screen, and working in all areas of production for almost 15 years. As a stage actor, he has appeared with numerous theater companies around the DFW area, including Theatre 3 (Hands On A Hardbody), Stage West (The Explorers Club), Second Thought Theatre (Booth), Kitchen Dog Theatre (Jesus Hopped the A Train), and Shakespeare Dallas (Macbeth; As You Like It). His film and television credits include Killer Teens and Slaughterlily, and he voices a cornucopia of characters for Funimation Entertainment. Aaron holds a BFA from Southern Methodist University.


EASY Monica Rial

Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for 13 years. As an actress for Funimation Entertainment, she has lent her voice to many memorable titles including: Baccano! (Chane), Fairy Tail (Mirajane), One Piece (Tashigi), Ouran Host Club (Renge), Panty and Stocking (Stocking), Soul Eater (Tsubaki), Tsubasa (Sakura), and Witchblade (Maria). She can be heard on the Cartoon Network in Shinchan (Ai), Full Metal Alchemist (Lyra/Dante), Deadman Wonderland (Shiro), Casshern Sins (Ringo), Samurai 7 (Shino), and FMA: Brotherhood (May Chang). You can also catch her on Nicktoons and the CW as Bulma in Dragonball Z Kai. She has also lent her voice to many video games including Ms. Splosion Man and Borderlands 2.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune - Greg Ayres


Masha - Mikaela Krantz


Mark - Apphia Yu


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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