Check Out Details of Love Live! Sunshine!! You and Riko's Blu-ray Jacket Ver. Figures in Videos

Aqour's other members will get their figures subsequently

As reported, Bandai Namco Arts and Good Smile Company's newly-launched label With Fans! plans to release a series of 1/7 scale figures of the nine members of Aqours from the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime franchise, inspired by the anime first season's Blu-ray jacket illustrations. Following its first entry Chika Takami (December 2018 release in Japan), GSC's official YouTube channel has started streaming 90-second PVs for You Watanabe (February 2019) and Riko Sakurauchi (March 2019).


"You Watanabe: Blu-ray Jacket Ver." (13,704 yen/February 2019)







"Riko Sakurauchi: Blu-ray Jacket Ver." (13,704 yen/March 2019)



"Chika Takami: Blu-ray Jacket Ver." (13,704 yen/December 2018)







"Blu-ray Jacket Figure" series CM



Source: Bandai Namco Arts press release, Good Smile Company official YouTube channel


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