Seiyuu Legend Megumi Hayashibara on Board for Yamato 2202

Love Live! star Arisa Komiya also joins the upcoming film


Two new characters are on board for the upcoming Yamato 2202 installment, and anime fans will likely recognize both. One comes from Love Live! idol group Aqours, and the other is the ever-present voice actress Megumi Hayashibara.



Hayashibara will be playing Megumi Kanzaki, executive officer of the Yamato's sister ship, the Wave Experiment Ship Ginga. She offers support to Saki Toudou, who was appointed captain at a very young age. Under Kanzaki's severe exterior is genuine feeling and concern for the crew.



Alongside her will be Arisa Komiya (the voice of Dia Kurosawa in Love Live! Sunshine!!) as Urara Kusakabe, the new ship's chief tactician. Her calm, logical demeanor enables her to instantly judge the usefulness of tactics drafted by the ship's AI.


Both actresses were excited to be added to the cast. Hayashibara says the crew of the Ginga has a tough road ahead of them, adding that she was "amazed" when the director filled her in on the story. Meanwhile, Komiya was so excited about the role she couldn't sleep, knowing she'd be recording in a room with her voice acting seniors.


Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Part 6 hits cinemas in Japan on November 2.


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