New Textbook Series Makes Hatsune Miku Your Study Buddy

MUSIC X STUDY PROJECT schools you on 1,400 years of Japanese history


Japanese high school students are getting an assist on studying, thanks to Hatsune Miku and composer MikitoP.


The well-known Vocaloid tunesmith previously created a line of study aids for junior high kids, featuring new songs by the digital idols. His new series of MUSIC X STUDY PROJECT books features volumes on high school level Japanese, English, and world history.


As a sample, a new song from the history course—"Ankichuu wa Ankichuu ~To the Next ERA!~"— was released on YouTube. The song features Miku and Rin covering more than 1,400 years of Japanese history in under 5 minutes, from the authoring of the Seventeen-article constitution in 604 to the end of the Heisei Era this year.



The book/CD sets are available for 2,100 yen each starting next month, and are targeted to "high school students or adults who wants to learn again."


Source: Anime! Anime!




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