Nissin Taps Kizuna AI for Upcoming Cup Noodle Promotion

Commercial featuring popular Virtual Youtuber will be published in Japan on April 01, 2019


Some quick news for all you fans of noodles and Virtual Youtubers out there: not to be outdone by Kaguya Luna's passion for yakisoba, virtual Youtuber / rogue artificial intelligence Kizuna AI is teaming up with Nissin Foods to advertise for their Cup Noodle line of instant ramen meals.



Aside from the key visual about featuring three color-coded AI-chans offering three different flavors of Cup Noodle, not much is known about the new collaboration, although it is known that a TV commercial featuring Kizunai AI will be published in Japan on April 01, 2019. Should we expect some sort of April Fool's Day prank? We'll just have to wait and see.


Source: Otakomu



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