Warner Brothers Japan Releases Shazam! Illustration by Lupin The Third Manga Author

The "DC Hero" campaign will include illustrations of Batman, Supergirl, and Aquaman

Warner Brothers Japan's Warner Bros. Home entertainment started digital streaming of Aquaman in Japan on May 8, and also released an illustration of Shazam for a forthcoming "DC Hero" collaboration campaign in June, produced by the late manga artist Monkey Punch, who passed away on April 11 due to pneumonia.


According to the press release, Monkey Punch, best known for his Lupin The Third series, was heavily influenced by DC Comics' "MAD" magazine, and it became an opportunity for him to make his debut as manga artist. Warner Brothers Japan asked him, who also loved American comics and cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, to serve as the producer for the "DC Hero" campaign, then he accepted the offer readily.


Unfortunately, Monkey Punch is not able to see the launch of the campaign, but more DC Comics

character illustrations produced by him, including Batman, Supergirl, and Aquaman, will be revealed

soon along with the details of the campaign.





Source: DC Japan officila Twitter, Warner Brothers Japan press release / official Twitter  


(c) Monkey Punch/M・P・Works


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