D4DJ Reveals Its New DJ Idols, Teases 4 More Groups

Say hello to Happy Around and Peaky P-key


Bushiroad has finally revealed the eight stars of upcoming mixed media project D4DJ... and then teased us with my mysterious silhouettes!


The first pairs of four are designed by artist and designer Yache, who has previously created work for Vocaloid videos on Nico Nico:



Nothing else has been revealed about the eight characters yet, though it's worth noting they all have the same school uniform. Is it safe to assume that, like Love Live! and BanG Dream!, we're looking at a school setting?


These girls aren't the only DJs in the game, though. Four more sets of four are now being teased:



All will be revealed—we assume—at the first D4DJ live, taking place July 20 and 21.


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Source: D4DJ News





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