Kenshiro Keeps a Lid On It with Fist of the North Star Manhole Covers

7 illustrated manhole covers featuring characters created by Buronson decorate Saku City in Nagano Prefecture

A photograph of three of the Fist of the North Star manhole covers created for Saku City in Nagano Prefecture, featuring artwork of Kenshiro, Raoh, and Toki.


Kenshiro, the hero of Tetsuo Hara and Buronson's post-apocalyptic martial arts manga and TV anime Fist of the North Star, has been known to take out the trash by pummeling his way through countless mohawk-sporting goons, but now the inheritor of Hokuto Shin Ken has a new role: decorating manhole covers in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.


The collaboration - which was revealed in a dedication ceremony at JR Sakudaira Station in Saku City on September 08, 2019 - may seem like an odd choice at first, until you realize that Buronson - the original author and one half of the creative team behind Fist of the North Star - is a native of Saku City.


A photograph of Buronson, aka Yoshiyuki Okamura, the original author of Fist of the North Star, taken at the dedication ceremony for the Fist of the North Star manhole covers in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.


Buronson (a pen name for author Yoshiyuki Okamura) was present at the dedication ceremony, in which 7 manhole covers featuring artwork of Fist of the North Star characters such as Kenshiro, Raoh, and Toki were publically unveiled. The ceremony drew about 150 fans, and during the conclusion Buronson himself did the honors of lowering the first manhole cover into place.


At the ceremony, Buronson stated that he hoped people would come and see the "cool manhole covers" and that he would be happy if his hometown would become "a bit more famous".


Kenshiro, when asked for comment, replied with: "ATATATATATATATATATATATA! You're already dead."


Source: NHK News Web via Otakomu


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