Mewtwo From The First Movie Returns in Upcoming Pokémon Journeys TV Anime Arc

The Japanese voice for Mewtwo, Masachika Ichimura, returns for the role

Pokémon Journeys


After remaking the first Pokémon anime film in 2019, the original Mewtwo from the first film Pokémon: The First Movie (and the Mewtwo Returns TV anime special) returns to the anime franchise in an upcoming arc of Pokémon Journeys, with the voice actor returning for the role and a brand new visual to commemorate the occasion. 


Pokémon Journeys


After not being apart of the franchise for nearly 20 years (since the TV special), this will be only the second time Japanese actor Masachika Ichimura reprises his role in the Pokémon anime franchise, and the first time in a brand new story after the 3DCG remake Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution film in 2019. There have been other Mewtwo in the Pokémon anime, but this is the return of the original one. The upcoming episode, which is titled "Battle & Get! Mewtwo's Revival" in Japan, will air in Japan on November 20, and sees Ash and Go head to Mewtwo's island for a 3-part arc. 


Pokémon Journeys airs as just Pocket Monsters in Japan every Friday night on TV Tokyo and streams on Netflix in the United States in batches, with the third batch to be released on December 4.


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