Protect Your Assets with Evangelion A.T. Field Boxers

New line of Eva goods includes undies, pass cases, carabiners, and more

Misato Katsuragi


You can't get much more protective than literal A.T. Field boxers — and yes, they really do exist.


A new line of goods from COSPA incorporates Neon Genesis Evangelion into your whole scene, from useful accessories to unique undies. Leading the line are the aforementioned A.T. Field boxers, as well as EVA-02 "Beast Mode" boxers (2,300 yen each):


A.T. Field boxers

EVA-02 Beast Mode boxers


Also available will be a trio of full-color pass cases, one for each of the main units and pilots (1,300 yen each):


EVA-00 Rei Ayanami pass case

EVA-00 Rei Ayanami pass case in use

EVA-01 pass case

EVA-01 pass case in use

EVA-02 Asuka pass case

EVA-02 Asuka pass case in use


Plus, there are 00 and 02 carabiners to match (1,100 yen each):


EVA-00 carabiner

EVA-02 carabiner


If you're more in the mood for specifically NERV stuff, you can grab a logo sticker (1,500 yen) and a "NERV ONLY" key reel keyring (1,500 yen) and leather key wallet (3,000 yen):


NERV sticker

NERV reel keyring

NERV key wallet


Pre-orders are open on the Animo website until July 22.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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