Quantum's Fantasy Light Novel I’m Quitting Heroing Gets TV Anime in April 2022

Kensho Ono is cast as the protagonist Leo Demonheart



It is officially announced today that a TV anime adaptation of Quantum's fantasy light novel series Yusha, Yamemasu / I’m Quitting Heroing is now in the works for a premiere in April 2022.


The novel's original series Yusha, Yamemasu ~Tsugi no Shokuba wa Maoujo~ (I’m Quitting Heroing ~Next Workplace is Satan's Castle~) was first serialized on KADOKAWA's novel posting site Kakuyomu from January 2017. And it won the Grand Prix in the isekai fantasy category of the 2nd Kakuyomu web novel contest in September of the same year, then its first volume was published from KADOKAWA BOOKS in December.


The novel's manga adaptation illustrated by Nori Kazato has been also serialized online since May 2018, and its English edition has been posted digitally on BOOK WALKER Global since September 2021. The site describes its synopsis as below:



After saving the world, the strongest hero Leo became someone who is not wanted in the peaceful human world. He was too strong. Exiled, he seeks a job at the Demon King's Army, which he had defeated and needs to be rebuilt. The Army had many problems: too much work, financial troubles, etc. Leo starts to make things better using his power. Leo encounters Echidna again, and asks her why she invaded the human world. There was an unexpected story---! 




TV anime 1st PV:



Key visual:



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Novel 1st volume cover:



Manga 1st volume cover:



Source: TV anime "Yusha, Yamemasu / I’m Quitting Heroing" official website / Twitter 


©2022 Quantum, Hana Amano/KADOKAWA/"Yusha, Yamemasu" Production Committee

(C)Quantum, (C)Nori Kazato, (C)Hana Amano


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