Akuto Sai
Cognome: Sai
Nome: Akuto
Genere: Maschio
Paese d'origine: Japan
Tipo: Persona
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Akuto Sai

Akuto Sai’s goal in life is to become a high priest, society’s ultimate form of good. Unfortunately for him, the oracle spirit of the Constant Academy for Magick Arts has predicted that he is destined to become a Demon King, thus inadvertently turning the entire student body against him. Despite his seemingly cruel fate, Akuto is nonetheless as noble as they come, always arriving to do the right thing whenever the situation calls for it. He has an incredible amount of mana within him, but his control of said mana can be spotty at best. With all the cards he’s been dealt, Akuto must not only work insanely hard to achieve his dream, but also get the rest of the students to finally trust him (or at the very least, NOT kill him).
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