Len Tsukimori
Cognome: Tsukimori
Nome: Len
月森 連
Genere: Maschio
Paese d'origine: Japan
Compleanno: April 24
Gruppo sanguigno: A
Tipo: Persona
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Len Tsukimori

A sullen and cold violinist, Len Tsukimori is a musical genius from a family of famed musicians. However, to him, music is meant to be played flawlessly rather than to be enjoyed, so his music lacks any passion as a result. As a second-year student of Seiso Academy, he participates in the music program to even further perfect his music. Len is also unfriendly toward everyone he meets, even his fans and his own parents, so he often spends his time in solitude. His musical technique is brilliant, but coming from a family such as his, his talent is taken for granted.

Once a child prodigy, Len has been trained to be a violinist of the utmost skill since he was born. He participated in many music competitions prior to Seisou Academy’s current concours and has received high praise from everyone, judges and girls included. Due to his dedication to music and tendency to reject others, he does not socialize very well. He often gets into disagreements with fellow concours competitor Ryotaro Tsuchiura, and he ignores everyone else, opting to practice his violin alone instead. Even with such a frigid personality, there is hope for him and his soulless music, and its name is Kahoko Hino. During their first meeting when Kahoko is listening to him practice, he is shocked by her love for his music, and how music is more than just sounds to her. Although she irritates him with her kind and joyous personality, her positive attitude may just be forming cracks in his rigid, brisk outlook on life.
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