Anno di produzione: 2007
Episodes: 1
Tipo: Serie
Visualizzazioni della pagina: 70000
Fan: 411
Messaggi in Bacheca: 551

Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai - Movie

Alternative title:
Pokemon Movie 10
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール ディアルガVSパルキアVSダークライ (Japanese)

Plot Summary: Dialga rules time, and Palkia rules space, they lived in an alternate dimension so they decided to fight within their own reality, which would make it bad for the real world too. Dialga and Palkia appear before Ash and his friends and drag the city into their own world. If they destroy this city, they'll also destroy the whole world. Other Pokemon as well will be seen in this film, this film first got released in Spain Sept 6,2006.
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Hikari (paragrafo iniziale)Megumi Toyoguchi
Kojiro (paragrafo iniziale)Shinichiro Miki
Meowth (paragrafo iniziale)Inuko Inuyama
Pikachu (paragrafo iniziale)Ikue Ohtani
Satoshi (paragrafo iniziale)Rica Matsumoto
Takeshi (paragrafo iniziale)Yuuji Ueda
MakiShoko Nakagawa
MusashiMegumi Hayashibara